«Appetizing figure and long legs»: a recent photo of Kendall Jenner made a splash in all social networks

How long is this model supposed to win hearts?😱Kendall is already at the top of the fashion industry🤩A recent photo that received 7 million likes in a day is a real proof of this🫣😍

Kendall Jenner, sister of Kim Kardashian, wins millions of hearts every time with her unique beauty. She participates in shows of world famous designers, and on Instagram she has 200 million loyal subscribers.

However, not all of her peers like her. During an interview, Jenner said, «I never liked to be in every fashion show, I’m not like that. Don’t confuse me with other girls. I am always one of those who is selective in what to do».
The announcement upset famous models who work diligently 12-hour days to provide for their families.

Many famous models including Naomi Campbell condemned Kendall’s words. But fans are sure that all other models, especially older ones, are simply jealous of her incredible success in her modeling career.

Jenner recently left all fans in awe by posting a photo of her in a swimsuit by the pool. This photo got 7 million likes in one day. It’s incredible!

A huge number of views and likes are proof of that Kendall is unique. How do you feel about this young model?

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