Angelina Jolie’s Heartwarming Airport Reunion: A Joyful Mother-Daughter Moment Captivates Fans

Their warm greeting attracted the attention 🥹🥰

Recently, Angelina Jolie was captured at the airport welcoming her adopted daughter Zahara. Recall that the girl is now studying at Spelman College in Georgia.

Fans were captured by the star’s modest outfit. She had chosen quite simple clothes, in which she was feeling comfortable.

Mother-daughter warm meeting couldn’t remain unnoticed and when their photos were posted on the Internet, netizens expressed their admiration for their attitude towards each other.

Both the celebrity and her daughter were looking happy and satisfied. Fans immediately spotted that they were holding each other’s hands, and it’s seen how they are connected to each other.

People expressed their opinions about Jolie’s new hair color. Many of them liked it, while others claimed that the previous dark color suited her more.

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