«An iconic 1990s model is unrecognizable!»: The way Evangelista changed after a failed operation left everyone speechless

The fans didn’t recognize model Evangelista after her unsuccessful cosmetic procedure 😲😳

The life of l. Evangelista was like a cherished dream for millions back in the 1990s. Her drizzling career, overall recognition and unearthly charm made her a role model for her fans. However, the model’s life has been divided into before and after.

In a desperate pursuit of a perfect appearance, ideal parameters and a flawless body, she decided on her first cosmetic procedure which was a complete failure. The successful model’s appearance changed drastically and she couldn’t do anything about that.

For this very reason, she was afraid of going out and her story became a warning for many people to think twice before they try to change their appearance thus ruining their natural beauty.

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