«An example of how not to dress a child»: Beyonce’s 10-year-old daughter was heavily criticized because of her unsuccessfully chosen outfit

The way 10-year-old heiress of Beyonce looked caused criticism and negative comments

Beyonce’s little daughter celebrated her birthday last Friday. Baby Blue Ivy is already 10 who was publicly congratulated by her grandmother 68-year-old Tina Knowles-Lawson.

The granny posted a heartwarming photos with her granddaughter which was appreciated by far not everyone.

This is how the netizens reacted. «Who dresses a child this way?», «An example of how not to dress a child», «Her mother and granny deprive the little Ivy from carefree childhood years», «What an unsuccessfully chosen outfit for a 10-year-old girlie».

At her 10, Baby Blue Ivy has already become successful in the sphere of music starring in five videos, being awarded a Grammy Music Award as well as launching her own clothing line.

Whereas there is no denying that this all is partly the merit of her well-known mother.

The little girl lives a life that many of us will only dream of. She has millions of dollars on her account, attends nights out and parties, has a wardrobe full of luxurious and brandy clothes and is accompanied with a bodyguard on her way to school.

She already has her own chef and stylist. Many are more than sure that such a behavior can have a negative impact on her life and that manicure and makeup are something that shouldn’t be taught to a 10-year-old child.

Do you think it is right to raise your child this way? Share your opinion below!

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