«An angelic beauty who took the best from her parents!»: Here is Zeta-Jones’s daughter’s stunning appearance  

All eyes were on Zeta-Jones’s young daughter in a delicate deep-neckline dress 😍

The spectacular appearance of outstanding and world-renowned film star C. Zeta-Jones and her family at the film festival left no one indifferent. Her delicate image in a deep-neckline dress and an elegant hairstyle gave her even more charm.

The powder-colored dress of Carys out of a mash fabric gave her even more charm. She complemented her image with platform sandals and massive earrings with sparkling stones.

What concerns the «Wednesday» star, she gave her preference to a red flowing dress with a deep neckline that emphasized her gorgeousness and elegance.

The actor himself opted a black tuxedo with a white shirt and patent leather shoes. He proudly walked arm-in-arm with his beloved wife on the Red Carpet. It is worth mentioning that she is the youngest of the spouses.

Everyone’s special attention was drawn to the legendary family.

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