«An angel fallen from Heaven»: This is why the «Queen’s Gambit» star was teased at school and how she looked in childhood

The rare archive photo of actress Taylor-Joy as a child melted millions of hearts

No one could remain indifferent seeing the rare archive photo of the «Queen’s Gambit» star as a little girl. The exclusive photo immediately won millions of hearts and her fans noted that she looked exactly like an angel fallen from Heaven.

«She looks like a little angel», «I haven’t seen anyone cuter than her», «Her beauty recognizes no bounds», «God, I can’t get tired of this archive pic!».

Until her family moved to London, the actress lived in Buenos Aires. As she admits, she was constantly laughed at and teased at school because of her non-standard appearance and accent which, according to her, was the hardest period in her life.

She made her debut in the film industry at the age of 17 and at 24 Anya already received a wide range of awards, as well as the Golden Globe and the US Screen Actors Guild Award for «The Queen’s Gambit».

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