«An ageless beauty icon is here!»: Lopez at 53 pleasantly surprised the followers with her natural beauty without makeup and filters

The fans couldn’t find words to describe the natural beauty of Lopez without makeup

Iconic and successful singer J. Lopez has confessed that she leads a healthy lifestyle maintaining a healthy diet and regularly exercising her body in order to maintain her flawless and stunning body. Many are still wondering how the outstanding star manages to look so naturally well-groomed and much younger.

The overall-recognized celebrity never ceases to pleasantly surprise her followers with her spectacular appearance. The iconic star never misses a chance to charm her fans with her beautiful body to which she has made significant contribution by regularly going in for sports and limiting herself in nutrition. Whenever Lopez is asked how she maintains her attractiveness, she rushes to answer that her hard and regular work is the key to her desirable look.

Though many are more than sure that the celebrity retouches her photos so as to seem much prettier and younger, the American singer often shares photos showing herself without any cosmetics on. There is no denying that she looks flawless and stunning even without any preparedness.

«Each and every woman is absolutely beautiful with or without cosmetics on!», «She is still the beauty icon for millions», «Envy silently! She looks much younger than she actually is».

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