Already quite an adult! Sarah Jessica Parker’s 19-year-old son came out for the first time in years.

The adventures of on-screen friends from New York continue! The other day, the premiere of the continuation of the cult series took place, which was called “And Just Like That.” The performers of the main characters, as well as their support group of family and friends, came to present the show. But what attracted the most attention was the main star of the series, who brought her eldest heir to the public eye for the first_time in many_years. We show what Sarah Jessica Parker’s 19-year-old son looks like .


What does Sarah_Jessica_Parker’s_son_look_like as an adult?

The 56-year-old actress_walked_the_carpet_not_alone, but in the company of her husband, actor Matthew_Broderick, and their common son, James Wilkie. For families, going out together is a rarity. Despite their publicity, the couple, who are raising three children , rarely take them with them to social events, as they want to give them a normal childhood.

But, as it became known, this summer the eldest heir of the couple graduated from school. And now he is a grown guy who can cope with increased attention. We are sure that from now on we will see this young man more often. Let us remember that the last time Parker brought her son out into the world was about five years ago.


For the red carpet, Sarah Jessica Parker wore an outfit to match her character. The actress’s choice of a gray-pink dress with a full skirt and a chiffon cape was something_Carrie_Bradshaw would definitely have approved of . Pink stilettos from the star’s own collection were the icing on the cake.

The husband and son did not draw attention to themselves and preferred classic black suits with matching ties. However, the latter, despite the simplicity of the outfit, could not avoid the interested glances of the public. Fans, and especially_female_fans, were delighted to see the matured James. “Already quite an adult”, “Handsome”, “Enviable groom”, “Mother’s eyes, father’s smile” , they write.

Tell us what you think about Sarah Jessica Parker’s 19-year-old son? Who is he more like: mom or dad? Write in the comments!