«All her secrets to beauty and youth»: No one could take their eyes off 69-year-old Brinkley’s perfect figure in a bodysuit

Looking at actress Christie Brinkley’s vacation photos, it is hard to believe she is 69

Many are still wondering how gorgeous, overall-recognized and highly respected actress Christie Brinkley has managed to maintain her attractive and stunning body. There is no denying that the iconic star looks much younger than she actually is.

A number of netizens were left astonished learning how old actress Christie Brinkley is. Some taught she was 30, 40 or maybe 50. Whereas no one had an idea that she has already turned 69.

What concerns her secrets to beauty and youth, she admitted «There is nothing to hide».

«Everything should be done only for your own comfort. You dye your hair or go to a beautician, go in for sports, or eat right – you do it all for your own pleasure. Once you feel comfortable in your body, you are on your way to success».

«Wow, you look amazing Christie», «I had no idea she is already 69», «Keep taking care of your body. You look stupendous».

«This all is thanks to regular workouts and plastic surgeries», «A great job!», «Please share your beauty secrets with us».

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