‘Alfie’s Michael Caine Uses Rollator on Date with Wife at 90 – She Stole His Heart in 8 Minutes When They Met

At 90 years old, legendary actor Michael Caine and his wife of 50 years prove that love knows no bounds as they enjoyed a romantic date with the actor relying on a rollator to get around.

Michael’s love story with his wife Shakira spans over five decades and began after he fell for her in just eight minutes.

In a candid interview, Michael revealed how his wife Shakira saved his life and kept him faithful in the face of great temptation, providing a rare glimpse into their enduring marriage.

Gray-haired and using a rollator, Michael Caine was spotted on a romantic date night with his wife of five decades, Shakira Caine, a former Guyanese model.

The couple’s devotion and love for each other were captured in stunning photos, but their relationship wasn’t always smooth sailing.

English actor Michael Caine starring in the film 'Alfie', circa 1966. | Source: Getty Images

It took persistence from Michael to win Shakira’s heart. He phoned her multiple times, but she ignored him. On the actor’s last attempt to reach her, Shakira finally answered.

Within eight minutes, he was in love. However, it took his future wife two hours to be smitten with him. For Shakira, the “Alfie” and “Gambit” star was everything she thought he wasn’t.

“She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen,” the actor gushed, while Shakira admitted: “He was everything I didn’t expect.”

Their love story culminated in a romantic Las Vegas wedding in 1973 at the Candlelight Wedding Venue, and they later welcomed a daughter, Natasha.

Shakira revealed that Michael was different from the man she saw onscreen in “Get Carter,” saying he was surprisingly charming and gentle.

After getting to know Michael, Shakira knew she could spend the rest of her life with him, and she did, encountering a romance for the ages.

Michael Caine and his family, wife Shakira and daughter Natasha on 25th September 1973. | Source: Getty Images

The cheerful wife revealed she and her spouse were very romantic, adding: “Every now and again, we go off to a lovely hotel called the George V in Paris and have a weekend honeymoon away from everybody.”

How Did Shakira Save Michael’s Life and Keep Him Faithful in Their Marriage?
Michael is the first to admit that he has faced “great temptation” throughout his career, working alongside some of the most beautiful women in the world because of his life in the limelight.

The acclaimed actor wanted a wife who would also be beautiful beyond measure, and he found that in Shakira.

“And I married a woman who, in actual fact, is more beautiful than most women I have worked with, so all the temptation was at home, not at work,” he confessed.

Their 50-year marriage is a testament to their love and commitment to each other. But Shakira’s impact on Michael’s life goes beyond keeping him faithful.

The icon credits his wife with saving his life. Years ago, Michael led a destructive and stressful lifestyle, but he turned things around, in large part because of Shakira.

Even with his gray hair and use of a rollator, Michael exuded charm and devotion to his beloved wife as they walked along the street on an evening out together.

Sir Michael Caine with his wife Shakira on January 6, 2011 in Paris, France. | Source: Getty Images

“Without her, I would have been dead long ago,” Michael admitted. The proud grandpa of three, including precious twins, loves making memories with the little ones.

He is focused on being around for them and calls his grandkids his “fountain of youth.”

The actor has achieved many milestones, but nothing tops being there for his grandkids. Michael shared this realization when reflecting on his life.

The actor says he has had some “high points,” such as being knighted and taking home two Academy Awards, but these achievements are not at the top of his list.

Natasha Caine, Michael Caine and Shakira Caine attend an event on May 24, 2005 in London, England. | Source: Getty Images

Since Michael had the privilege of experiencing life with his beloved grandchildren, he discovered where true joy lies—in them and his family.

How Did Michael Cane Enjoy a Date Night with His Wife at 90?
At 90, Michael still knows how to have a romantic evening with his wife. The couple was recently seen on a date night at Scott’s Restaurant in London.

Michael dressed to the nines in a sharp navy blazer and a dapper pair of perfectly tailored black trousers. His wife also did not disappoint.

She looked stunning in a stylish white ensemble paired with black pants. Shakira opted for bold lips and unmissable jewelry that complimented her classic look.

Even with his gray hair and use of a rollator, Michael exuded charm and devotion to his beloved wife as they walked along the street on an evening out together.

The actor has been spotted relying on a walker since 2018. Michael had an incident while on the ice that affected his ankle.

The actor also has a spine problem that affects his leg, making it difficult to get around without assistance.

Despite his health challenges, Michael is determined to enjoy life with Shakira and still dresses up for special occasions with her.

Michael had a successful operation in 2022, and his wife is confident he will be “up and dancing again soon.” Shakira described her star-studded husband as a “strong” man and had no doubt he would make a recovery.

In the meantime, the couple continues to enjoy each other’s company and make the most of every moment they have together.

Now, the legend who retired in 2021 is taking his well-deserved time away from the screen to be with his loved ones.