Al Pacino’s Twin Daughter Shares Moving Words on Daddy’s 83rd Birthday — She Gave Him Reason to Live at 60

Legendary movie star Al Pacino became a father of twins at 60 years old.

The “The Godfather” icon celebrated his 83rd birthday, and his twin daughter, Olivia Rose Pacino, dedicated a heartwarming birthday tribute to her dad on social media.

Pacino shared how he became a devoted dad after his father abandoned him at 2.

Al Pacino is one of Hollywood’s most influential and iconic actors, and “The Godfather” alum has accomplished incredible feats throughout his extensive career. He recently celebrated his 83rd birthday on April 25, 2023.

The “Serpico” actor is a father of three, two of which are 22-year-old twins Anton James Pacino and Olivia Rose Pacino, whom he had when he was 60 with his ex, Beverly D’Angelo. On his birthday, his twin daughter, Olivia, took to her Instagram to post a loving tribute dedicated to celebrating her dad on his special day.

Al Pacino at the 14th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2019 | Source: Getty Images

Olivia posted a recent photo of her dapper dad dressed in a black suit jacket with a grey scarf adorning his neck. Pacino is pictured looking straight at the camera while sitting in what appeared to be a dining chair.

Olivia drew an arrow pointing at a Starbucks coffee that belonged to her. The adorable caption accompanying the photograph read:

“Happy birthday, [D]ad! You’re my best friend and will forever be a true inspiration to me! I love you so so much!!”

A screenshot of Olivia Pacino's sweet birthday message to her dad Al Pacino posted on April 25, 2023 | Source:

The mother of Al Pacino’s twins is American actress Beverly D’Angelo, and the two met in the 90s while D’Angelo was still married to her now ex-husband, Italian Duke Lorenzo Salviati.

At the time, D’Angelo and Salviati had a mutual understanding that they could each go off and have fun with other people but return to each other in times of need.

However, after D’Angelo met Pacino, the “Violent Night” actress brought up wanting to be with Pacino to her husband, and Salviati ended up giving her his blessing. D’Angelo recalled the conversation that led to their divorce:

” Who is this actor?’ I said, ‘Well, it’s Al Pacino.’ He goes, ‘Al Pacino, he’s fantastic. I love him. We divorce!’ ”

D’Angelo and Salviati split up in an uncontested and amicable divorce in 1995, prompting Pacino and the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” star to start dating shortly after, and in 2001, the couple welcomed their twins, Olivia Rose and Anton James Pacino.

Speaking about becoming a father for the second time (after his firstborn Julie Marie Pacino from a previous relationship), Pacino expressed:

“Without sounding too corny, it gives you a reason to get up in the morning. It gives you this weird kind of energy that I had almost forgotten about.”

Julie Marie Pacino, Al Pacino, and Beverly D'Angelo at the Film Society of Lincoln Center Gala in New York City, 2000 | Source: Getty Images

D’Angelo was 49 when she gave birth, and Pacino was 60. The duo went their separate ways soon after their twins were born.

Though the couple did not end up together in the long term, D’Angelo has expressed her gratitude for the relationship they had during that time. The American actress stated how the best gift Pacino gave her was making her a mother to her twins.

Pacino has a fantastic relationship with all his kids, especially with Olivia, who has stated that her dad is her best friend.

Though many know the “The Devil’s Advocate” star from the great and timeless classical film projects produced in Hollywood, Pacino enjoys playing the role of being a devoted father to his three children the most. The doting father spends a lot of time with his kids, especially with his twin daughter, Olivia.

Olivia Rose Pacino and Al Pacino taking their dog for a walk in Beverly Hills, 2009 | Source: Getty Images

Pacino loves being a father, and his previous kid-central den in his home proves this. In a 2014 in-depth interview with The New Yorker, the interviewer took note of the many toys and play equipment sprawled all over one of Pacino’s living spaces.

When his twins were younger, the Hollywood legend would have them stay with him on weekends after his relationship with D’Angelo ended. Pacino is dedicated to ensuring his children know he is and will always be there for them.

After being abandoned by his father at the very young age of two, Pacino vowed never to walk the same path his father did when it came to his children. The “Donnie Brasco” actor opened up about his past, how his mother raised him alone after his father left, and how never having his father around made him want to become the best dad to Julie, Olivia, and Anton:

“I consciously knew that I didn’t want to be like my dad. I wanted to be there [and] when I’m not, it’s upsetting to me and to them. So that’s part of the gestalt [and] I get a lot from it [because] it takes you out of yourself.”

Pacino has a fantastic relationship with all his kids, especially with Olivia, who has stated that her dad is her best friend. The father and daughter duo have been spotted out together on several occasions, and Olivia constantly posts endearing pictures of her spending time with her dad.

Whether she accompanies him to award shows, like when they attended the Oscars together or when he attended Olivia’s graduation, the duo spend ample time together. Olivia and her twin brother are now 22 years old, and the bond with their superstar dad continues to get stronger and stronger.

Olivia adores her father, never missing a moment to boast about how close they are. On her Instagram feed, she has several pictures and videos of the duo getting up to all sorts of family activities.

Pacino may be 83 years old now, but he still has the same zest for life when it comes to his children as he did when they were first born. Though the A-list star continues to have one of Hollywood’s most revolutionary, influential, and accomplished careers, he cherishes his role as daddy the most.