«Aging is a very intimate lesson in self-love, and you can’t stop it»: 64-year-old Andie MacDowell speaks about her age and look  

Everyone should accept themselves and their bodies as they are 🧐🤔

American actress Andie MacDowell is always attractive and impressive, despite the fact that she is already 64.

Her curly hair makes her much more beautiful and gives her a unique look.

Although the charm and beauty of the actress remain the same, the color of her hair has changed. The star has stopped to color it, thinking that her natural grey hair fits her more. She realized that in this way she feels great during the pandemic.

The celebrity is beautiful in any way, no matter her hair is colored or natural. She admits the fact that she never pays attention to other’s opinion and does what she considers right and comfortable.

And also the actress doesn’t want to hide her age, explaining that she accepts herself as she is, and advises others to do the same.

Don’t criticize your appearance and accept yourself in the way you are.

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