Ageless Love: Al Pacino, 83, and Wife Nur Alfallah, 29, Excitedly Anticipate the Arrival of Their First Child

Their age gap doesn’t appear to be an issue for them  🤔❤️

83-year-old Al Pacino, who won Oscar for his great acting talent, will soon become a father. Her wife 29-year-old Nur Alfallah is a film producer. Despite their big age difference, the couple enjoys each other’s companion.

They are impatiently waiting for the arrival of their baby.

Recall that the couple is together since 2022 and recently they were photographed by the paparazzi while having a walk together.

It seems that they don’t pay attention to their age difference and love each other strongly.

Nur Alfallah has always been interested in old men. She has been connected with several men before meeting Al Pacino.

Nur first began to play in films with her famous friends, then she expanded her career and now she is quite a successful person.

Their friends are very happy to hear that the couple is expecting a baby. Among them is Robert De Niro, who is a father of 7 children.


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