«Ageing? No, I haven’t heard about that»: This is 52-year-old actress Jennifer Aniston still looking fantastic without makeup

The rare footage of Rachel from sitcom «Friends» without makeup delighted the fans

The recent footage of Jennifer Aniston shared by the outstanding actress herself let no one remain indifferent. Rachel from popular sitcom «Friends» could pleasantly surprise her followers with her entirely natural beauty.

As we all can clearly see, the incredibly talented and charismatic actress appeared with no cosmetics on and advertised a hair care product demonstrating how it worked on her own hair.

The charming film star has never been shy about her natural beauty and, unlike her co-stars and colleagues, didn’t rush to turn to cosmetologists and surgeons. She doesn’t mind sharing «honest» photos of her. Aniston definitely looks much younger.

Her fans didn’t miss a chance to complement their idol asking her what beauty secrets there are for her for maintaining her charm and freshness.

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