«Ageing can’t be a threat for such a beauty»: The Italian diva still pleasantly surprises everyone with her charm and perfect figure

The fans couldn’t take their eyes off Monica Bellucci who still looks amazing at 56

Unlike most popular celebrities of nowadays, iconic and brilliant Italian actress and model Bellucci completely accepts her age-related changes without being afraid of ageing. She is strongly against surgeries and other procedures of maintaining youth.

Many are still wondering how she manages to look fantastic at 56 maintaining a perfect figure and pleasantly surprising everyone with her exemplary individual style.

Not so long ago, the legendary movie star has been noticed dressed in an elegant black jacket and tight-fitting top which clearly emphasized the ageless beauty icon’s magnificent figure.

It is rather hard to realize that Bellucci is going to reach her sixth decade since she still looks amazing and much younger. She definitely knows what to wear and how to pose so as to outshine everyone.

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