«Age is just a number for this icon!»: The provocative outfit of 76-year-old Hawn became the subject of heated discussions

Hawn at 76 was filmed on her way to a fashion club in a lace top with a deep neckline

Everyone is still amazed by the timeless beauty and femininity of 76-year-old G. Hawn who once again proved to the entire world that age is just a number for her. She has never ceased to charm the fans with her energy and brightness.

When K. Russel and Hawn started being in a relationship, almost everyone presumed that soon Kurt would leave her and find someone better. Meanwhile, Hawn is now considered a role model with her charisma and elegance.

She still lives her life to the fullest traveling widely with her husband, regularly dancing and doing yoga. Hawn still feels like a teenager who often hangs out with her friends and spends quality time at restaurants.

The paparazzi were lucky enough to catch her on her way to a fashion club in a lace top with a deep neckline.

One of the secrets to beauty the iconic actress has disclosed is as follows: positive-mindedness will help anyone look younger and amazing which is based on Eastern and Buddhism philosophy.

Nothing else is crucial according to the legendary megastar.


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