«Age is already showing itself!»: The way 63-year-old Melanie Griffith’s body looks like became the subject of discussions

Banderas’s 63-year-old wife in lingerie showed her «imperfect» body full of wrinkles

No one will deny that far not every 63-year-old woman looks as fantastic as M. Griffith, the wife of legendary star A. Banderas.  She has retained her attractive and slender body and one can only dream of looking like her.

However, in the photos without retouching and any filters, one can effortlessly notice all her wrinkles, folds and other age-related changes. Yet she knows well what to dress to appear in a perfect form. Her recent photo in lingerie caused a stir.

Despite the fact her body is slim and slender, she has saggy skin and there are a lot of deep wrinkles on her face and folds on her stomach and thighs.

Here is the Spanish actor’s wife in a stretched sweater and tight leggings. According to many, she looked unkempt and let herself go.

What do you think of the famous 63-year-old woman’s appearance?


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