After this child’s birth, the whole world was attracted by her doll-like face, but now she looks quite different  

How she has changed over the years!

When Aira was born, she looked like a doll and at the age of two her parents decided to create a modeling life for their daughter and took her to a modeling agency. There’s no doubt that professionals would appreciate her such a stunning appearance.

She quickly became famous and started receiving invitations and offers from various projects, TV shows and movies to participate.

The photos of the baby went viral and even many believed they were photoshopped because she couldn’t have looked that much like the doll. But when their parents started sharing more photos of her, they were convinced that her look was indeed natural.

She looked so pretty!

But it seemed that Aira was not so happy about what was happening to her, because she didn’t have friends, couldn’t go out and play with her peers. She didn’t have time for it: she had to spend her time only in modeling agencies and photo studios.

Instead she was very famous and everyone was attracted by her. Passers-by wanted to take a photo with her when they met her on the street.

But when she grew up, her appearance changed and she stopped looking like a doll. Modeling agencies stopped calling her for shoots and her fortune began to fade. Now she is 11 years old.

Now she looks like an ordinary person and enjoys her time with her peers. She has an Instagram account, but there’s no photo of her childhood. Maybe she doesn’t want to remember who she was.

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