“After 37 years”: This is how the legendary actors and actresses of “Police Academy” look now

How have the cult actors from “Police Academy” changed after 37 years?

Many refuse to believe the cult and popular series “Police Academy” released its first episode already 37 years ago in the States. The humor of the plot and the prominent actors still warm everyone’s heart.

The plot is as follows: Everything begins with the announcement of a recruitment to the police academy and everyone rushes to get there.

This is how the iconic film stars have changed so far.

Sh. Stone as C. Mattson (now 63)

She was a journalist preparing a report on a new city project and we see this character only in the 4th episode of the series.

G. Gaines as E. Lassard (1917-2016)

He brilliantly played the naive and kind-hearted head of the police Academy and was respected by everyone. The legendary actor passed away in 2016 at the age of 98.

S. Guttenberg as C. Mahone (now 62)

Currently, the actor rarely takes part in films. Instead, Guttenberg dedicated himself to the producing.

K. Cattrall as C. K. Thompson (64)

She gained fame and popularity thanks to her legendary role in the series which was beloved by absolutely all the viewers.

G. Bailey as Lieutenant T. Harris (now 76)

The impulsive character of the popular series was starred by Bailey. Recently, the actor gave up acting and is now actively engaged in the Children of the Light Foundation and helps poor children with cancer.

M. Ramsey as C. L. Hooks (1947-2021)

Though she didn’t act much during her life, Marion was a successful and talented composer and singer who wrote songs for a number of artists. Misfortunately, the praiseworthy woman passed away in 2021 at 73.

L. Easterbrook as Sergeant D. Callahan (now 71)

The character was loved by millions as well. The talented woman is still acting.

Have you watched the cult series?