«A young spirit in an aged body!»: The aged and wrinkled look of Hollywood star Douglas became the subject of discussions

Zeta-Jones showed her 78-year-old husband and everyone was left speechless 😱😳

For those who don’t know, this prominent Hollywood actor has recently turned 78. Despite his senior age, he is active, energetic and enthusiastic. Whereas the fans have already noticed vivid signs of aging claiming that it is difficult to recognize the actor.

The iconic 53-year-old star of «Wednesday» shared a heartwarming post dedicated to her husband where she congratulated him on Father’s Day. It is worth mentioning that the spouses got married back in 2000.

«A young spirit in an aged and wrinkled body». «Of course, I still don’t accept couples with a big age gap, but Douglas and Zeta-Jones serve as a prime example of how two can be happy no matter anything».

«I will never stop admiring this couple!», «They are the biggest inspiration for me», «I would never understand what it feels like living with a senior man».

«A beautiful family, no question!».

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