«A young soul in an old body!»: The «Basic Instinct» star at 65 was filmed in mini shorts while playing tennis

In mini shorts, 65-year-old Stone surprised with her toned body while playing tennis 😍

The great movie «Basic Instinct» brought this talented and outstanding actress worldwide fame and popularity. Since then, she has firmly held the title of one of the most desirable and attractive film stars.

Despite a number of negative and criticizing comments, no one would deny that she is still full of energy, enthusiast and can definitely surpass her peers.

Her every appearance on the Red Carpet becomes a sensation. What is more, the following photos taken during her walk in a T-shirt and mini shorts immediately attracted the fans’ attention.

The admirers of her couldn’t find words to describe her timeless beauty and charisma. However, there was a group of people who were more than sure that a 65-year-old woman should behave appropriately.

Few know that young Stone genuinely loved martial arts. Moreover, she is fond of swimming and playing tennis.

«I really enjoy swimming and I find it to be a great overall workout that really works for the whole body. Also, I love the plank».


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