«A young soul in an old body!»: After showing herself in a revealing bikini, this 94-year-old granny faced criticism

Without shame and hesitation, this 94-year-old granny shows herself in a bikini 🧐😲

Here is Buddy Winkle who is, believe it or not, already 94. She is an American model who gained fame and recognition when she was already eighty. Without any shame and hesitation, she shows herself in swimwear and eye-catching looks.

Many get greatly surprised when they see how active, energetic and enthusiastic she is.

«What if her grandchildren see these photos? Won’t she be ashamed?», «She doesn’t behave like a granny», «A young soul in an old body».

«Let the granny enjoy the rest of her life!», «Envy silently!», «I can’t believe my eyes! Is she really 94?».

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