«A young model trapped in an old woman’s body»: Breaking all the stereotypes, this girl with a rare syndrome attracts millions

Despite looking like a granny, this unique girl with saggy skin became a model

Meet this absolutely unique young woman who, despite her saggy and imperfect skin, managed to become a popular model, attract millions and break all the beauty stereotypes.

Here is Sara Gertz who, misfortunately, was born with a rare disease called the syndrome of Ehlers-Danlos which mainly causes an extreme lack of collagen production and, in this case, made this 31-year-old woman look like an old and wrinkled granny.

Despite such a young age, Sara’s skin lost its elasticity becoming sagged and looking considerably aged. Whereas the unique woman never ceases to attract millions with her non-standard appearance.

Gertz is not embarrassed about her unique body at all and is currently inspiring others to accept the way they are and not be shy about one’s imperfections or uniqueness. She managed to break all the beauty stereotypes proving the entire world that models are not only those who possess stunning appearance.

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