«A tattoo on a 12-year-old girl?»: The Beckham family faced criticism after they showed their child with a tattoo

Both fans and haters judged Beckham’s decision to let their little kid get a tattoo 😱😳

Everyone probably knows the legendary couple of Beckhams. She is a successful fashion designer and he is a professional football player. They have recently gone to the café Prada and then spent their time at Disneyland.

During the celebration there was also Nicola Peltz, the wife of the girl’s brother and the present she gifted her with literally shocked the entire Internet. She sincerely congratulated her expressing her delight and gratitude.

What is more, Nicola has several pictures with Harper on social media considering the girl her sister. Their most recent photo reveals the two girls with matching tattoos. Nicola had a tiny butterfly on her back and Harper on her tib.

The fans of the Beckham family hope that these tattoos are not permanent, otherwise it seems to be absurd for a little girl to get a tattoo.

Now, it is your turn, our dear readers, to share whether you are for or against this.

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