«A series of surgeries and Spears is ready!»: This guy underwent a number of surgeries to look like his idol

Believe it or not, this is not Britney Spears, but a boy who wanted to look like her 😲😳

One of the brightest, most influential and most popular singers of our time is B. Spears who managed to win millions of hearts with her brilliant performances, great talent and attractiveness. No one could ever remain indifferent towards her.

Here is one of her loyal fans, Brian Ray, who was madly in love with her and dreamed of looking exactly like her. To begin with, he changed the shape of his lips to acquire a stunning smile like that of her.

He has undergone a number of surgeries and, as a result, started, to some extent, looking like an outstanding celebrity.

He keeps visiting beauty salons for Botox injections every 6 months and tries to ignore those who try to criticize or make fun of him.

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