«A real mother-heroine looks like this!»: This is how the eight babies this woman gave birth to have changed

Here is the first and only woman in history who carried and gave birth to 8 babies 🤗🥰

In 2009, this woman became the first the world has ever known who gave birth to eight absolutely healthy babies. Before the birth of her eight heirs, she already had six children who were of different ages.

As soon as the world heard about her and her large family, she began to often be invited to various talk shows and TV programs. It is needless to say that after the childbirth she has always dedicated herself to their upbringing and family life.

Looking at her now, one may find it difficult to believe that she was the woman who gave birth to so many babies at once. The heroic woman kept going in for sports and, as a result, returned her former body. She serves as a role model for her children.

«I believe that sport helps me develop not only physically, but also emotionally. It helps me be more productive. I am proud that my children follow my example and are supporters of a healthy lifestyle».

On social media she has over 240 000 subscribers who admire and get motivation from her.

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