«A real beauty was hidden behind the role»: This is how actress Bialik from «The Big Bang Theory» has changed

Do you remember Amy from «The Big Bang Theory»? Here is the actress after years

Thousands of viewers all over the world fell deeply in love with one of the most striking characters, Amy from the popular sitcom. She most often appeared with thick and, according to some, granny’s glasses and striped cardigans.

Amy’s individual style was defined by her cardigans, maxi skirts and thick-framed glasses and the way she looked brilliantly portrayed Amy Farrah’s image making her distinguished and absolutely unique.

Though the talented actress excellently played the role Mayim will soon celebrate her 47th birthday, she still looks amazing. With her elegant and fashionable looks it sometimes seems as if she could have been a successful fashionista or designer.

Mayim is a great fan of a deep neckline and one may say that no trace has been remained from Amy in the sitcom.

This is what a beauty was actually hidden behind the role.

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