«A necklace worth $700 000 as an accessory»: Here is Rihanna’s gorgeous appearance at the Paris Fashion Week       

Rihanna dazzled everyone at Fashion Week with her chic $700 000 necklace 😱🧐

This renowned and talented 35-year-old singer and songwriter has made a stunning appearance. Despite the fact she is pregnant and is expecting her second baby, she still often attends social events and shows.

Her gorgeous appearance at the Louis Vuitton show during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris held by her friend Ph. Williams has long been discussed on the web.

Her stylish hairdo and vibrant makeup the main emphasis of which was on her lips became the perfect complement to her unique image. Her fashionable denim jumpsuit greatly impressed everyone there.

Her outfit featured a unique signature paint by Pharrell and won an Award. Later, she took off her jacket and proudly showed her big pregnant belly.

The final touch to her daring and distinct look became Jacob and Co necklace that cost 700 000 dollars. It is worth mentioning that she came with the father of her children, R. Myers.

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