A Missed Connection: Audrey Hepburn’s Granddaughter Bears No Resemblance to the Iconic Actress

She bears no resemblance to her legendary grandmother

Although Audrey Hepburn is not alive, she remains the symbol of femininity and style.

Unluckily, the woman didn’t pass on her beauty and charm to her heirs. Look at the photo of her granddaughter, and you’ll understand everything.

When the girl was born, her grandmother had already been dead for a year. She didn’t get a chance to see how elegant her grandmother was.

Emma Ferrer has rough facial features and in most cases looks very much like a boy.

Fans are surprised by such a big difference: they expected to see her with very delicate features, like her grandmother.

Although she does not attract people with her beauty, she is very successful in her career. She is focused on acting and modeling. Apart from this, she loves to paint and shares the most beautiful ones with her followers.

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