A liger, that became popular after strolling in the town

A friendly and calm wild cat, who had an enormous size

The biggest member of the cat family is the mixture of a tiger and a lion named Enige. Although his amazing height and weight of more than three centimetres he still had a calm and friendly behaviour.

The animal became popular after walking in a small town in South Carolina with wildlife and animal rights activist Sam Watson and Travis Antle. Their videos were shared on Youtube after which they became popular and went viral.

The big cat was amazing and a former football player told how much food can a 350 kilogram cat eat.

The man also told, that the liger is a cross between a tiger and a lion is twice the size of a tiger or a lion, his teeth was the size of a man’s middle finger and a tongue the same size as his forearm.

Such a unique and adorable animal isn’t seen every day. This species makes us think of earlier animals, that were larger than today’s animals. We hope, that the adorable animal will have a long and healthy life and carry on to amuse many people.

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