«A laid-back style and desire for privacy»: The paparazzi photos of Hailey and Justin left the fans speechless

This is what Harley and Justin Bieber look like when they are sure no one is watching

Sometimes, recognizing our favorite celebrities in everyday life when they are without any preparedness is, sometimes, something challenging.

One of today’s most scandalous couples is that of Justin and Hailey who are also among the most fashionably dressed spouses nowadays. It is not surprising at all that they are the ambassadors of street fashion who are distinguished by their unique style.

These days, the actively-discussed spouses have been spotted at Charles de Gaulle airport preparing for their flight to Los Angeles. What concerns their outfits, Hailey put on a black sweater, a classic coat and baggy jeans. Justine was in a stylish hoodie.

Although they did their best not to appear in the spotlight with their sunglasses, hats and protective masks, the paparazzi didn’t miss the chance to film the spouses.

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