«A housewife who used to be on TV screens»: Actress Maria Cross devoted herself to the family life and changed beyond recognition

The way the iconic actress from «Desperate Housewives» has changed caused a stir

Shortly after the end of the popular TV series «Desperate Housewives», legendary actress Marcia Cross dedicated herself to the family life. At the age of 45, the movie star experienced the delights of motherhood with the help of a surrogate mother.

Cross has had adorable twins – Eden and Savannah born in 2017.

Though she took a long pause from her drizzling acting career, the actress is still in the spotlight and the center of paparazzi’s and journalists’ attention. Recently, the well-known movie star was spotted loading the care after shopping near her house.

The fans noticed some radical changes concerning Cross’s appearance. It became quite clear that she definitely overdid with plastic surgeries and Botox since even the shape of her face was considerably changed.

Meanwhile, the legendary actress seems not to really care about what people around think of her. She fully enjoys her time with her precious family gradually becoming the housewife that she used to be in the series.

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