«A future Hollywood superstar!»: Here is legendary actor Lundgren’s 24-year-old daughter who is in pursuit of an acting career

You will be surprised when you see what a beauty the «Rocky 4» star girl has become

Perhaps, absolutely everyone knows this prominent and successful American actor who has brilliantly starred in such movies as «Rocky 4» and «Showdown in Little Tokyo». Believe it or not, his daughter Ida is already 24.

Though the great man has always kept her out of the public’s eye, the charming girl has grown up to become a popular model who takes a great interest in sports.

She was born in Sweden, but spent most of her childhood in Spain. Ida is Anette Qviberg’s daughter, the eminent actor’s long-term lover. The girl often shares her experience and traveling in both these countries with her followers.

Although her legendary father didn’t support the idea of her pursuing an acting career in that direction, she tried her hand in the film «Dangerous Tour».

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