«A future catwalk superstar!»: This girl with a doll appearance born in a mixed marriage has grown up and won millions of hearts

No one can take their eyes off the sky-blue eyes and adorable curls of this little cutie

Here is Kaya Rose who looks like a doll and charms absolutely everyone with her unique and distinctive appearance. Already at 5, she became a sought-after model for quite many modeling agencies throughout the world.

She was born in a family of a former football player of Afro-American descent and a woman of European origins. One may say that the popular myth that mixed marriages create the most beautiful children has been proven.

As a result, the European beauty and the Afro-American handsome man created such an adorable, charming and enchanting girl to whom no one can remain indifferent.

Her sky-blue eyes, naughty curls and glowing skin are really hard to resist. Her beauty wasn’t unnoticed even shortly after her birth when the doctors were literally left speechless. After seeing her photos, many agencies rushed to offer her a job as a model.

Her parents are now more than sure that she will become a popular and sought-after model in the near future.


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