«A drizzling modeling career is waiting for her»: The way Tom Cruise’s and Holmes’s 16-year-old heiress looks delighted everyone

Paparazzi caught actor Cruise’s teenage daughter Suri who has become a real beauty

Many strongly believe that other people’s children grow much faster than those of their own. This, obviously, relates to legendary actor Tom Cruise’s and his wife Holmes’s heiress too since it seems as if she was the little girl Suri just yesterday.

Even at that time, everyone was more than sure that the absolutely adorable girl would become an unrealistic beauty in the near future.

The fans are convinced that a drizzling career in modeling is impatiently waiting for the 16-year-old girl who charms everyone with her unique beauty and gorgeous blue eyes. What is more, Cruise takes little part in his daughter’s upbringing.

The opinions of network users were again divided. Some claimed that there was nothing special in her, but others were sure she truly possesses stunning and desirable appearance.

What can you say about the appearance of the legendary actor’s teenage daughter?

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