«A dream body»: Millions of fans of Kim Kardashian were pleasantly surprised with the perfect figure of their idol in a swimsuit

Everyone’s eyes were on Kim Kardashian’s stunning figure in a revealing bikini

The 346 million followers of outstanding, successful and influential celebrity, actress and model Kim Kardashian were pleasantly surprised with their idol’s new photos in a bikini. Many couldn’t take their eyes off her claiming that she has a dream body.

The provocative photos of the celebrity were taken by her sister Kylie Jenner and didn’t need any retouching or editing. With her entirely untouched photos Kim won millions of hearts. The owner of the brand Skims showed herself on a sandy beach.

Kardashian was wearing a rather revealing white bikini and fashionable sunglasses. However, there is no need to say that the angle also played a decisive role in this case since no flaws or «imperfections» were seen on her attractive body.

The gorgeous star captioned the vacation photos. «Long arms@kendalljenneron the lens». Lately, she has been the subject of heated discussions because of her arm that seemed abnormally long in one of her photos. She was even called «an alien».


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