«A dragon tattoo in an intimate place!»: One of the highest-paid models made a splash by showing her tattoo

Gigi shows off her dragon tattoo in an intimate place taking a seductive pose on a sun lounger 😳🧐

While Z. Malik takes an attempt to start a new life flirting with hot girls, his ex-partner shows the man what he actually lost.

One of the most successful and sought-after models of the industry shared a spicy photo of herself enjoying her time on a sun lounger. She showed off her tattoo in a private place and immediately received thousands of comments.

Though many really like the tattoo, the model admitted that it is not permanent and will disappear over time. It actually gives her a fresh look and perfectly suits her image creating a hint of provocation.

Unlike many of her celerity colleagues, she still can’t decide on getting a permanent tattoo for some reason and thus raises some questions.

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