«A cute boy with a rock star face!»: This is what the eighth child of Jagger looks like who was born when his father was 73

No one can take their eyes off Jagger’s son who was born when the singer was 73

Everyone is familiar with the name of this legendary artist who has achieved enormous success and incredible heights in the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame and the National Music Museum of Great Britain.

Here is Devereux, the youngest heir of the iconic singer who was born on December 8, 2016. The prominent performer has been in a relationship with M. Hamrick for already 7 years.

Apart from Devereux, the great man also has three daughters and four sons from his ex-partner. What is more, he already has five grandkids and even one great-grandchild.

So as to feel himself still young, he told her grandchildren to address him as «you».

Many are convinced that the little cutie is the exact copy of his grandfather. «A cute boy with a rock star face», «His resemblance to his father is incredible!».

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