“A child with poor eyesight plays by touch”: “Bohemian Rhapsody” performed by a 6-year-old kid won millions of hearts 

The brilliant performance by a 6-year-old boy with poor eyesight touched everyone

Believe it or not, this gifted and praiseworthy pianist is only 6, whereas the unique child has already managed to become overall-recognized with his excellent performance which gained millions of views and positive comments all over the world.

However hard it is to believe, the little kid has extremely poor eyesight and plays the piano almost by touch which is the reason he is sometimes caught making mistakes, whereas he quickly corrects them.

It goes without saying that the heartwarming performance melted millions of hearts and was even shown on national television. Here is the video which will not let any of you remain indifferent towards the adorable child of innate talent.

Let’s wish him health and career success!

Are you impressed? What can you say about the performance?

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