A brave boy. This boy contributes bone marrow for his twin brothers

The twin brothers remained alive due to a young superhero who is very content with what he did.

Michael’s twin brothers, the heroes of today’s story, were born having chronic granulomatosis, an infrequent immunodeficiency illness that annually induces one in 500,000 people.

As stated by the National Institutes of Health, the illness causes the immune system to break down, not allowing patients to fight off infections. There is only one treatment for this illness: a bone marrow transplant.

Robina Pownall and her spouse had two kids, Dominic 9, and Michael 4 until they discovered that Robina was expecting twins. The twins were born too early and spent two weeks in the hospital. They have since proved positive for chronic granulomatous illness (CGD). Dominic had this condition as well and had a transplant.

After the tests, it was found that Michael is perfect for a transplant. Although he was only 4, he was asked if he would like to assist his brothers.

The little boy gave his approval to the transplant, even after being informed that it would likely be painful and that there was a needle stuck in his back. He was frightened, but agreed, explaining that he was a brave boy. The surgery was successful and the twin brothers survived due to a young superhero who is very content with what he did two years later.

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