“A baby was born weighing 7 kilos”: How has the newborn weighing 7 kilos changed after 39 years?

A phenomenal case! A baby weighing 7 kilos was born surprising the world

This absolutely unique boy, Kevin Roberts Clark hit the whole world since he was born weighing, believe it or not, 7 kilos becoming the biggest newborn baby in history.

Kevin’s mother was more than sure that her newborn would weigh much as her first baby was relatively big as well. However, she didn’t expect that Kevin would be born weighing more than 7 kilos.

When the newborn was brought home, it turned out that the baby crib was much smaller and he simply couldn’t fit in it. And, what about the clothes they bought beforehand, were, as you can see, much smaller.

At the age of 12, Kevin was more than 150 cm tall confessing that all the time it was a major problem for him to find appropriate clothes.

His parents encouraged him to take up basketball assuring that he would definitely succeed in this sport owing to his height. Meanwhile, Kevin took no interest in it and, instead, was passionate about hunting and fishing.

Currently, at the age of 39, Kevin weighs 135 kg, is over 2 meters tall and is a state police officer. The only thing which disturbed the boy was that no one could stay indifferent and he was constantly mocked and judged because of his unique appearance.

He claims that even today people still wonder whether he is a basketball player or not. Regardless of his uniqueness, Kevin managed to find the love of his life and create a wonderful family.