«700 calories and 3-hour workouts per day»: Here is the career path of the Queen of Pop Madonna who became a cult figure

This is what the iconic pop legend went through for the sake of a perfect body

It is needless to say that there are people who determine time and have their enormous contributions to the spheres of art, science, technology.

In this respect, the unique and irreplaceable role of the Queen of Pop who is one of the legendary singers of our era, should be mentioned.

The list of the merits of the iconic pop legend includes 14 successful albums, overall tours and the Guinness Book of Records. Due to her hard and diligent work as well as dedication to her career, she deserves to be called a cult personality.

Madonna is distinguished by her own style. She is one of the main trendsetter and, in some cases, the breaker of stereotypes of our time.

However, the cult singer had to sacrifice many things, put in all her efforts and develop self-management and self-discipline skills so as to always look stunning and remain a role model for millions. She went on crashing diets and turned to plastic surgeons.

One of the most efficient methods for the pop legend to retain her perfect figure and attractiveness was limiting herself to 700 cl per day eating solely organic products. What is more, daily workouts for 3 hours were compulsory as well.

Thanks to the work of skillful plastic surgeon A. Instanov, the legendary woman has changed into a «cartoon character». Her toned face, the complete absence of wrinkles and other age-related changes made her look like a human Barbie.

Being on stage for almost half a century has made her unsurpassed and a real professional of choosing the right angle for photos.