“19-year-old Siamese twins win hearts”: The Mexican Siamese twins’ photoshoot delighted everyone

No one stayed indifferent towards the unique Siamese sisters’ photo shoot

As soon as the absolutely unique Siamese sisters named Lupite and Carmen Andrade were born, none from the medical staff could provide reassuring prognostications. The twins had a fused chest and the portion of their bodies up to the crotch that is omphalopagi.

They both had their own hands, heart, lungs, whereas their digestive and reproductive systems as well as the liver were mutual. However, regardless of all these difficulties, they accepted their rare condition and now live their life to the fullest.

The unique sisters actively lead their Instagram pages frequently sharing new photos and videos of them delighting their subscribers. This time, the twins were dressed in fashionable denim shorts and black blouses.

Due to their uniqueness, the twin-sisters often appear in television sharing with the on-viewers their incredible life story. They sometimes even drive, however surprising it may seem.

The charming sisters are planning on working as volunteers in the near future and they are big-hearted, ambitious and always eager to help.

Though they have recently been offered to be separated undergoing a serious operation, the sisters flatly refused to since they were extremely afraid of post-operation complications.

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