135 cm tall Peter Dinklage fans are amazed to see his beautiful wife and sweet child  

Despite their differences, they live happily ever after

Many know this famous actor from the movie «Game of Thrones», 52 years old Peter Dinklage, whose height is only 135 cm, but he enjoys popularity throughout the world. Moreover, he has a stunning wife, 46-year-old theatrical director Erica Schmidt, and an adorable daughter.

They first knew each other in 2005 and since then live happily together. It was love at first sight. Although they didn’t announce their relationship to the audience, their relatives and friends guessed that there’s something special between them.

Finally, after dating for some time, they decided to make their bond official. They had a wonderful marriage and still now enjoy their life together. They are one of the cutest couples in the world.

Surprisingly, they found something in common and loved each other, despite their differences. Now many people follow them on social media and enjoy watching their heartwarming photos, where you feel the love and respect they have towards each other.

They also have a sweet daughter, who has a strong resemblance to her mother.

What do you think about this amazing family?

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