‘Wow, What Happened’: Marie Osmond, 64, Sparks Heated Talks after Showing Her Face in Recent Video

Marie Osmond’s recent podcast appearance sparked a flurry of online commentary, not for the insights shared, but for her altered appearance that led to intense speculation about plastic surgery.

Marie Osmond’s recent guest appearance on the “Sibling Revelry” podcast, hosted by Kate Hudson and her brother, Oliver Hudson, captured the attention of fans and observers far beyond the conversation’s content.

While Osmond shared insights into her fame with her brother and its impact on her relationship with her siblings, her physical appearance sparked widespread commentary on social media and among podcast listeners.

Marie Osmond on "Sibling Revelry," dated March 2024 | Source: Instagram/SiblingRevelry

Osmond, styled with curled hair, full makeup, a long-sleeved white shirt, and dangling earrings, presented an image that led to speculation and debate regarding plastic surgery.

Comments on Osmond’s appearance flooded the internet, with reactions ranging from surprise to criticism. Observers noted, “Wow what happened she doesn’t look like Marie” and “Good God women. Stop the surgery already!! Shameful and scary!!”

Others echoed the sentiment, saying, “She doesn’t look like Marie Osmond!” and “Is that Marie’s face [?] I can’t believe it.” Some expressed disappointment, commenting, “I love Marie, but who is that imposter? Stop the insanity! Oh how sad… another molded mannequin” and simply, “Her face?!”

Despite the public’s focus on her looks, Osmond has openly discussed aging, expressing a natural desire to avoid it yet accepting its inevitability. Osmond remarked, “No one wants to get old,” clarifying her stance against the notion of anti-aging.

Marie Osmond on "Sibling Revelry," dated March 2024 | Source: Instagram/SiblingRevelry

She shared wisdom with her daughter about the importance of aging for personal growth, emphasizing the need for time and years to learn life’s lessons. While she can’t stop aging, the singer goes the extra mile to preserve her looks. She seeks professional help, follows a skin care regimen, enhances her beauty with makeup, and eats healthy food.

As Osmond began performing and wearing makeup, she sought professional dermatological care to resolve her acne issues. Having started her career young, she recognized early the potential damage it could do to her skin.

“I’m performing five nights a week in Vegas now, and I started to see bumpiness, sagginess, and fine lines. But MD Complete has completely changed how my skin looks,” she shared in 2018.

Following advice from MD Complete’s Dr. Zelickson, she applies cleanser solely in the evenings to remove makeup and impurities, embracing a minimalist approach to skincare.

Singer Marie Osmond speaks during the 36th Annual Black and White Ball event at Caesars Palace on January 25, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada | Source: Getty Images

Beyond medical help, she also follows a skin care regimen that includes high-quality products like sunscreen and Bio-Oil, emphasizing protection and hydration. Osmond’s approach extends beyond skincare to include makeup techniques that enhance her features while maintaining a natural, youthful appearance.

Marie Osmond also uses makeup to enhance her features. Previously, she shared tips learned from icons like Lucille Ball, focusing on lip shaping and the strategic use of highlighters to accentuate youthfulness. Her makeup philosophy aims to create a fresh, doe-eyed look, utilizing soft eyeliners for a subtle definition.

One of Osmond’s favorite products is Trish McEvoy’s lipstick in plum shade for its versatility on lips, cheeks, and eyelids. Additionally, she frequently uses the Anastasia Pro Pencil to refine her lip shape.

She has mastered the art of self-styling, despite often having a professional glam squad at her disposal. To extend the lifespan of her beauty products, she keeps them chilled in a mini-refrigerator beneath her vanity.

For eyeliner, Osmond opts for KVD Vegan Beauty Lash Liner Liquid Inner Eyeliner along the upper eyelid’s rims, achieving a rich, dense lash line illusion. This step precedes the application of her false lashes, which she curls for a natural effect.

Marie Osmond on The Kelly Clarkson Show - Season 3 | Source: Getty Images

After the physical and external care she gives herself, Osmond makes sure her body is nourished properly. Her lifestyle embodies health and wellness, with regular hydration, walking for physical activity, and reading for relaxation.

Her past experiments with various diets led her to a balanced perspective on food, thanks to Nutrisystem’s guidance. She learned to view food as fuel, embracing a diet that includes comfort foods without the guilt.

Admittedly, what worked for Osmond in her 20s and 30s no longer does the same for her body today. Acknowledging this, she collaborated with Nutrisystem to develop a plan for women beyond the age of 50.

“Wow, you look like a completely different person!” commented a fan. Others chimed in with reactions ranging from sheer amazement to gentle questioning, like, “Oh my Marie, why the drastic change?”

“I’m not sure I even recognize you if I ran into you as a blonde. You look like a completely different person [sic],” commented a user. “Blond is definitely not her color! I’m sure it’s just a wig and it’s fun to change your hair color!” chimed in another.

But for Marie, this isn’t just about changing her hair color — it’s about embracing new possibilities. In an interview before her sudden hair change, she said, “If my hair gets really, really gray and I can’t dye it black anymore, I’ll go blonde!”

Marie Osmond, 2017 | Source: Getty Images

Behind the scenes, Marie shared how she was navigating the challenges of DIY hair care during the pandemic. With salons off-limits, she’s turned to virtual consultations with her hairstylist for advice.

“I called her up and I said, ‘How does it look?’ and she goes, ‘You’re right, you really can’t do hair, can you?’” Marie shared with a laugh.

Marie revealed that her hairstylist had been her savior during that time. “She talked me through this. She made me pin this all forward in a ponytail, and she said, ‘Now you pull it over your grays and then they can’t see it,’” Marie explained.

Despite the hurdles, Marie remained upbeat, finding joy in the process of experimentation. “It’s fun because there’s all kinds of ways you can hide things and do things that saves time and money [sic],” she mused.

Amongst the reactions from fans, one stood out: “Oh my God! You really did THAT to your hair?” shared a concerned follower. “Blonde is not you….” wrote another user.

However, amid the mixed reactions, there were messages of support, with one fan reassuringly stating, “Surprised to see so many negative comments about the blonde look. You look stunning! Ignore the haters.”

As fans continue to debate Marie Osmond’s latest style choice, she effortlessly shines with her undeniable talent. Whether her new hairstyle proves to be a temporary experiment or a lasting change, her popularity among fans and audiences remains unwavering.