Will Smith’s secrets: he was a hip-hop star, saved his marriage after cheating and missed the chance to play Neo and Superman.

As soon as he arrived in Hollywood, young Will Smith declared that he would become a star. He turned 53 on September 25, and we can say that he was right. And even though in recent years the actor has rarely pleased fans with quality projects, his filmography includes many excellent films. But today we will talk about something a little different; we have prepared interesting facts about Will Smith. Spoiler: for the most part they concern his career.

Interesting facts about Will Smith

Relationship with father

The future actor’s parents separated when he was 13 years old. But the divorce was finalized a little later, because Will communicated a lot with his father. He was a businessman, installing refrigerators in stores. It was he who largely influenced his son’s character, taught him to be brave and always strive forward. He always consulted with him and sincerely admired him.

“My father is strict, but not a tyrant. He always kept me within limits. All he had to do was look at me to hint: “One more step and I’ll be angry.” He was an independent businessman who installed refrigeration equipment in supermarkets. Dad taught us to be brave ,” said Will Smith.

Music career

Some people didn’t know, and some forgot, but for the first time they started talking about Smith as a rapper. In the 80s, his duet with Jeff Townes DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince was very popular. The guys released two full-length albums, which sold out in considerable quantities. They even managed to win a Grammy.

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

Having noticed the popular rapper, the producers decided to make an entire series based on him. The name, by the way, didn’t come out of thin air either. The fact is that since childhood Will had the nickname Prince. He was so named for his leadership qualities and his ability to get out of any trouble thanks only to his charm. It was this series that made Will Smith a popular actor. Only later, when he ceased to be a teen idol, did he move on and began starring in a variety of films.

Missed Opportunities

And here Will Smith is one of the record holders. He abandoned a huge number of cult films, and often in favor of completely failed projects. So, he turned down the main role in The Matrix to play in the film Wild Wild West. He was also able to play Superman in Superman Returns, which was also well received by critics. And one of the latest high-profile failures is the refusal to play in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained . Smith didn’t like that the story was driven by revenge rather than love, and Tarantino refused to change the script.

“Keanu was born for this role. When I watch a film and see the image he created, I think for the hundredth time: “I would ruin everything,” Will later said about “The Matrix.”

Unusual marriage

The actor experienced family happiness with his longtime friend Jada Pinkett. The couple stated that their relationship can be considered open, and they are not against small affairs on the side. Only in practice it turned out that it is difficult to put up with this. After a series of affairs on the side, their marriage began to crack at the seams; the couple was ready to divorce, but decided to still try to save the relationship. Thanks to the help of psychotherapists and endless patience with each other, Will and Jada remained a family. And even now they speak out in favor of traditional marriages.


A large celebrity garage has not surprised anyone for a long time. But Will Smith collects cars for a reason; he chooses each car personally and uses it constantly. The actor almost never uses the services of drivers and mechanics, preferring to personally take care of cars and, of course, drive them himself. His collection may not be as large as his colleagues’, but each car serves its purpose. He even has a full-fledged motor home.

Today, the name Will Smith will not easily lure people to movie theaters. However, the actor still remains a great professional in his field, he just has no luck with projects. His contribution to cinema cannot be underestimated; we hope that the actor will be able to prove himself in the future.