Why we haven’t heard from Uma Thurman in a long time

Uma Thurman was a real force to be reckoned with in the ’90s, and one of the key reasons for her success was her utterly mesmerizing look.

With her towering height, luscious blonde locks, and razor-sharp features, she exuded a level of magnetism that few actresses could hope to match.

Her appearance was so striking, in fact, that it was often likened to that of a glamorous 1940s movie star, adding to her allure and mystique.

But while Uma’s star shone brightly in the ’90s, her appearances on the big screen have become less frequent in recent years. Fans may wonder what happened to this talented actress and why she has been absent from the limelight.

The answer lies in a number of factors…

Perhaps best known for her lead role in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill franchise, Uma Thurman is a celebrity with a complex history. The well-known actress was born on 29 April 1970, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, but grew up in New York.

Uma’s parents had some ties to the entertainment industry; her mother was a model and a psychotherapist, and her father was a professor of Buddhist studies and an author. Uma received a Buddhist upbringing, and according to her autobiography, she was an awkward and introverted girl who got teased for her appearance and unusual name.

She was a tomboy with three brothers, two older brothers and one younger.

”I felt terrible. When I was 10, someone told me I had an ugly smile, so I spent the whole of my younger years feeling embarrassed and never smiling with my mouth open. But what are you going to do?…I’m enjoying getting older because I feel I didn’t appreciate being pretty when I was younger,” she said.

After enduring the torment of bullying and nasty comments in school, Uma resolved to turn the tables on her oppressors. She channeled her energies into studying drama and pursued a modeling career at the young age of 15.

Her breakout role was in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, a critical and commercial success. Thurman’s performance as Mia Wallace earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Thurman also starred in other notable films of the ’90s, such as Batman & Robin, Gattaca, and The Truth About Cats & Dogs. Her range as an actress was on full display in these films, as she played a variety of characters with different personalities and motivations.

After starring in a series of successful films in the late ’90s and early 2000s, Uma continued to act in films and television, though not as frequently as before.

Instead, there was a lot of focus on the Pulp Fiction actress’ different romantic partners.

She met her first husband, Gary Oldman, in the early 1990s, on the set of State of Grace. Despite being a dozen years older than Thurman, Gary and the blonde superstar fell for each other and married within the year.

Sadly, Oldman and Thurman separated two years later and finalized their divorce in 1992. In a 2011 interview with the British magazine Stella, Uma referred to her previous marriage to actor Gary Oldman as a “mistake” when reflecting on her past relationships.

”But you know, what can I say? He’s a truly great actor. We met when I was 18. He was 12 years older. It was a crazy love affair that ended, as it needed to. He was my first love. I had no prior experience.”

After being single for a while, Uma then met Arpad Busson, a London-based French financier. Also called “Arki”, Busson is the chairman and founder of the EIM Group. Arpad Busson and Uma Thurman had an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted for several years.

They announced their engagement in June 2008, only to call it off in 2014.

Perhaps even more notably, Arki and Thurman were once embroiled in a heated custody battle over their daughter Luna. Their daughter was born in 2012, before they ended their relationship for a second time in 2014.

Busson began the suit by filing in 2017. The custody case was moved to matrimonial court before records were sealed.

Before Busson, however, was André Balazs. Balazs is the president and CEO of André Balazs Properties, and a top hotelier. Thurman and Balazs dated from 2004 to 2007 and were even engaged for a period of time before splitting up.

The two additionally dated a few more times in 2015, but only briefly until ending it once more.

Marrying Ethan Hawke
Perhaps Thurman’s most well-known partner is fellow actor Ethan Hawke.

After meeting on the set of the film Gattaca in 1997, they were married on May 1, 1998 and stayed together until 2003. They became one of Hollywood’s A-list couples during that era.

Married for seven years, the pair had two children, Levon and Maya, before finalizing their divorce in 2005. Despite their high-profile split, the former couple has remained amicable and supportive of each other.

In interviews, Uma has spoken positively about her relationship with Ethan Hawke, describing him as a “fantastic father” and praising his talents as an actor and writer. Ethan has said that he felt he was not ready for the commitment of marriage when he married Uma Thurman at 27.

”Success when you’re young is really overwhelming,” he told Elle in 2013.

”The world felt out of control. And I wanted to stop it from spinning so fast. I thought marriage would decrease my variables or something. I was absolutely wrong.”

Before Hawke, Thurman dated actor John Cusack briefly in 2001. The two dated again after her divorce from Hawk for a period of time.

There were rumors in the late 1990’s that she could be dating Richard Gere – Uma also found herself linked with a string of other, brief relationships – but her first marriage was earlier in this decade.

Uma Thurman new boyfriend
On a more positive note, Thurman recently found love again in the Hamptons in 2020. While at a beach in Sag Harbor, a handsome stranger asked her to watch his dog while he went for swim.

The man was an architect, Peter Sabbeth, and he had no clue who he had just asked to watch his dog. The two fell for each other quickly and began looking at property together within a few months time.

Recent reports suggest that Uma has moved on from her past relationships. According to People magazine, the Kill Bill star has been romantically linked to Justin B. Smith, the CEO of Bloomberg Media Group. While neither Thurman nor Smith have publicly confirmed their relationship, sources close to the actress have indicated that they are dating.

Uma Thurman today
While Thurman seemed destined for box office greatness for decades, her fiercely shining star has dimmed in recent years. Her once illustrious acting career seems to have lost its momentum – with considerably longer intervals between her film appearances these days.

However, it should be noted that Thurman had a relatively busy year in 2022, with multiple film projects. The actress also has some promising projects in the works, including the highly anticipated film, The Kill Room. Adding to the anticipation, Thurman’s daughter, Maya Hawke, will be joining her mother on screen for the first time in this dark comedic thriller.

The production also brings a Pulp Fiction reunion of sorts, with Samuel L. Jackson set to appear alongside Thurman once again.

It’s difficult to say for certain why Uma hasn’t appeared in big movies as frequently as she once did. It’s possible that the film industry’s preferences and trends have shifted, and there may be fewer roles that fit her particular style and skill set.

Additionally, as an actress and mother of three, Thurman may have chosen to prioritize her personal life and take on fewer film projects. However, amidst all the legal battles and tabloid rumors, it’s important to remember that Thurman is first and foremost a mother of three children.

Anyone who has experienced the challenges of single parenthood can attest that it requires a tremendous amount of dedication and effort, regardless of one’s financial status.

”My big wish now is to make a little time for myself. I think many women, working women, get this. I mean, how do you justify that hour and a half to yourself? When you have this to do and that to do and you want to be there,” she told the Times in 2009.

It’s also possible that Uma’s approach towards Hollywood and the film industry may have influenced her decision to take a step back from it.

In an interview with The New York Times, Thurman expressed her disappointment with Hollywood, revealing that despite her efforts to work hard and be professional, she encountered ”contempt and dismissiveness toward women of all kinds” during the early years of her career.

“A great cinema role comes along a few times. Maybe for some people, more often. But not everybody,” Thurman, 52, said.

Uma Thurman is truly an icon of the silver screen, and there are countless reasons why she has won the hearts of so many. From her magnetic presence and captivating performances to her unmistakable voice, impeccable posture, and charming way of speaking, she exudes an effortless charisma that is impossible to ignore.

As a fan, I find myself longing for more opportunities to see her on the big screen, to witness her talent in action once again. Her sense of humor is infectious, and her ability to bring depth and nuance to any character she portrays is unparalleled.

If you, like me, are a fan of Uma Thurman, let’s spread the word and celebrate this incredible actress together!

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