Why Nicole Kidman’s daughter didn’t invite her to the wedding and calls her mother only by name.

Marriage to Hollywood handsome Tom Cruise left many wounds in the heart of Australian star Nicole Kidman. But the deepest of them is the inability to raise and educate children. After the divorce, the father achieved full custody of the heirs, after which he forbade them to communicate with their mother. 20 years have passed since then, and there has been no significant progress in bringing the actress closer to children. However, there is still progress. We tell you how Nicole Kidman’s difficult relationship with her daughter developed . But with my son the situation is even sadder.

Nicole Kidman’s difficult relationship with her daughter

When marrying a loved one, the last thing a bride thinks about is that her beloved may turn out to be a manipulator and a religious fanatic . Especially if you are both public figures. So the Australian beauty Nicole Kidman was blinded by love. Despite the criticism and eternal reproaches of Tom Cruise for her inability to bear a child, she continued to fight to save the marriage. The actress even agreed to adopt two children, a boy and a girl, after which she became very attached to them.

However, even common heirs could not save this relationship. Eventually, Nicole and Tom’s marriage fell apart. Having received full custody of the children in court, he burned all the bridges between them and his wife. Over time, the adopted offspring – Isabella and Connor – became so unaccustomed to their mother that they even began to call her by name.

It’s no secret that the reason for the breakup was Cruise’s religious views . Being a Scientologist , he wanted to convert both his wife and children to his faith. Nicole refused to change her religion (the actress is a Catholic), but she could not save Isabella and Connor. They, like Tom, became adherents of the Scientology movement. In the community, the brother and sister found life partners and exchanged vows with them. The weddings took place according to all the laws of the sect, and, of course, no one invited the “heretic” Kidman there.

All is not lost

Despite the cold attitude of her son and daughter, Nicole never publicly condemned them: “My children made their choice. My maternal duty is to continue to love them . ” And if 26-year-old Connor flatly refuses to communicate with his mother, then 28-year-old Isabella, it seems, is beginning to step towards her.

The girl not only began liking her mother’s photos on Instagram, but also returned the double surname Kidman-Cruz (previously she was signed as Isabella Cruz). Fans dared to suggest that there was a thaw in the relationship between Nicole and her daughter . But with my son, unfortunately, there is no progress.

By the way, Kidman finally found her happiness. In 2006, she married musician Keith Urban . And a year later a miracle happened: the actress was able to get pregnant. So, at the age of 40, the star gave birth to a baby for the first time – her daughter was named Sunday Rose . And two years later, the couple used the services of surrogacy and became the parents of their second daughter, Faith Margaret . Nicole and Keith are still together to this day and regularly share photos together on social networks.

This is how one person can break a heart into pieces, and another can collect it and warm it up. The main thing is not to shut yourself off from the world even after a painful experience. The actress herself speaks about this: “My husband recently remembered that when he met me, he asked: “ How is your heart?” “And I, apparently, answered: “ Open . 

We hope that Isabella and Connor will also open their hearts and let in the woman who gave them motherly love. What do you think, will they resume communication with Nicole or not? Write in the comments!