Why Hugh Jackman is willing to pay for his ex-wife’s silence.

As it became known, Hugh Jackman is ready to pay for his ex-wife’s silence. We are talking about an impressive amount that the Logan star is going to transfer to Deborra-Lee Furness for non-disclosure of the details of their personal life. And, of course, this cannot but alarm even the loyal fans of the Australian . Details, as always, in the next couple of minutes.

“They accepted their fate”

On September 15, 2023, the public was shocked by unpleasant news. After all, as it turned out, Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness announced their decision to divorce after 27 years of marriage. It is curious that their separation was predicted by many tabloids and even ordinary Internet users. Like, there can’t be happiness between those who have such a huge age difference.

It is curious that there is no talk of betrayal on the part of one of the actors. Moreover, the couple, according to official statements, separated on a friendly note. Thus, in their address to fans, the celebrities admitted that they were going to continue to take care of their son and daughter together in the future. “We have decided to separate in order to continue our individual growth.”

But insiders revealed that the real reason for their divorce was the lockdown at the peak of the coronavirus epidemic and the strike of Hollywood actors and screenwriters. “Hugh found that the magic that once existed between him and his wife was gone. Deb had similar thoughts and concerns. So it was best to break up. Their time has simply passed. They accepted their fate.”

Hugh Jackman is ready to pay for his ex-wife’s silence

Now it turns out that Hugh Jackman is ready to pay for his ex-wife’s silence about their married life. For example, the star of Hollywood blockbusters wanted his divorce from Deborra-Lee Furness to be accompanied by an agreement on non-disclosure of biographical secrets. But what amount are we talking about, you ask?

According to Western tabloids, Jackman valued his private life at $100 million. This is exactly the amount he is willing to pay his ex-girlfriend so that she does not share his personal data with the public. At least, this is how the actor himself explained his decision.

However, Internet users believe that everything is not so clean here. And the amount for silence is quite impressive. “Wait, our beloved Wolverine is not such a saint, it turns out?”, “What happened in their marriage that Hugh would not mind saying goodbye to such an impressive sum?”, “I hope Deborra will not fall for this and tell us something- something interesting.”

What do you think about this? Is it really all about simple fear for privacy, or should we really be prepared for Furness’s scandalous statements? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.