Why Ed Sheeran hasn’t used a mobile phone for seven years.

Addiction to social networks or simply Internet addiction is one of the main problems of our time. WHO has been considering this problem as a real psychological disorder for quite some time. But no one has yet been able to propose effective ways to combat it. Except, probably, for one British performer. Fans recently learned that Ed Sheeran gave up his phone a whole seven years ago!

The singer spoke about this in an interview during The Collector’s Edition podcast. Ed also admitted that he used to constantly feel depressed. He tried to overcome this feeling with the help of the gadget, but the situation only got worse.

It was then that Sheeran decided to take a drastic step and completely abandoned his mobile phone and social networks. The musician emphasized that he did not refuse to communicate with other people, he simply limited it. As it turns out, every few days Ed sits down at his computer and communicates with other people via email.

“Every few days I open my laptop and answer 10 emails at a time. As soon as I send them, I close the laptop ,” the performer boasted. As a result, Ed manages to devote much more time to his family and friends.

It is especially interesting that this is not the first time in recent years that Sheeran has surprised his fans. Earlier it became known that the singer was building a non-denominational church in Suffolk. Beneath it there is a huge crypt where the musician intends to someday rest.

Perhaps Ed’s method of dealing with Internet addiction is too categorical. Although, on the other hand, no one can still offer an effective method other than forceful and radical solutions. So maybe the musician is right, this is exactly what should be done. Ed Sheeran gave up his phone 7 years ago and never tires of reminding him how much better he felt.

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